Donald Pleasence – John McGregor
Jennifer Connely – Jennifer
Patrick Bauchau – Rudolph Geiger

Young girl is left behind when her bus takes off without her and so walks down a side road to a house where she is attacked, chased through the woods and eventually beheaded in Phenomena. Young and beautiful Jennifer is sent to school for girls in Europe and shows and affinity for bugs of all kind. She meets her new roomie named Sophie who tells Jennifer about the killer that is preying on young girls. That night Jennifer has a bad dream and starts sleepwalking. She heads down the hallway of the school and falls out a window when she gets scared, wanders into the street, gets hit by a car, and when the people in the car try and help her she jumps from the car when it is speeding along. Down the hill on the side of the road Jennifer meets a monkey who leads her to John McGregor’s house who just happens to be a professor who works with bugs, and Jennifer and John soon hit it off. When Jennifer returns to the school she gets into a lot of trouble and that next night, Sophie is killed and Jennifer sleepwalks again. Finally when the headmistress decides to commit Jennifer to a mental hospital, Jennifer takes off and starts on the trail of the killer by herself. Incredibly cool film about bug summoning girl, razor wielding monkey and disgusting little mutant boy. Very suspenseful and atmospheric and never lets up the pace as the film winds down to its eventual conclusion. There is even a pretty good performance by Patrick Bauchau, who plays Sidney on The Pretender, as the poor policeman Rudolph Gieger. Excellent film and should not be missed.

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Phenomena (1985) COVER A

Phenomena (1985) COVER B

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