The Bird With the Crystal Plumage

Tony Musante
and Suzy Kendall

If you havn’t yet discovered the films of Dario Argento, the Bird With the Crystal Plumage is probably the best place to start. Argento’s films (which he both writes and directs) contain at the same time visually captivating scenes and a thoroughly engrossing story. The Bird With th Crystal Plumage is no exception.
Musante stars as an American writer working in Italy on a short term Visa, and one night becomes the only witness to an attempted murder at an art gallery. While suffering with a case of writers’ block, his investigative instincts get the better of him and he decides to help the police pursue the case. But his investigations only draw attention to him, and soon his girlfriend and his own life are threatend by attackers on the street, invaders in their apartment and harassed by creepy phone calls.
The writer, with the help of some experts and a an odd assortment of characters, including a foppish gallery owner, a reclusive painter, and an off-beat police detective, soon nails down the who murderer is… or whom he thinks it is… but it may be too late.
Easily one of the most intense murder mystery films I’ve seen, the Bird With the Crystal Plumage is a must watch for any fan of the suspense/mystery genre.

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Bird With The Crystal Plumage COVER

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