Village of the Damned

George Sanders as an old guy
Barbara Shelly is a 30’s-ish women
and a dozen freaky kids

The film starts with haunting imagery of a village, no noise save for the ringing of church bells, the streets strewn with bodies. Everyone within the village limits seems to be dead. Of course the big bad army rolls in and takes control of the situation by doing nothing and not long afterwards the people regain consciousness. Weeks later all the woman capable of being pregnant are (even those still chaste and pure). The children are born after an abnormally short pregnancy, all at over 10 lbs, with strange eyes, an unknown hair group, and unusual fingernails… oh, and strange mental powers. Once the children grow older (looking 10 years after only 3), they all coalesce together, ignoring the other children. The villagers are disturbed by these platnum blonde children (much as we were all disturbed by the Platnum Blonde band), mostly because of their cold, calculating nature. After reports of other villages experiencing the “time out” being destroyed by similar children, the village takes it upon themselves to try and destroy the freaks (as we so often kill what we do not understand). Haunting, frightening, and well paced, Village of the Damned is a classic suspense tale in the sci-fi genre.

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