20 Million Miles To Earth

Frank Puglia
Joan Taylor
William Hopper

The special effects of Ray Harryhausen are the highlight of this sci-fi spectacular about a monster wreaking havoc in Italy, who is not a fascist, Mafia, or the Prime Minister. A U.S. spaceship on its way home from Venus crashes into the Sea of Sicily, with seemingly only one survivor. A container is also found at the sight, and when it’s opened, a blob of goo escapes. Well this goo grows up to be a monster that has some big plans for Italy, none of which I can divulge at the moment. Well ok, he plans to…he plans to… he plans to destroy Italy, or die trying. Now I know you’re saying, “Destroy Italy, that’s not so bad. I mean sure I like Sicilian pizza, but that’s a small price to pay for the destruction of Italy. Besides, maybe the monster only hates Italians, so the rest of us could hardly blame him. The world would probably be better off.” But, in only one day after its escape, that goo has doubled in size, and has taken on a more monster like appearance. Now the monster has to be stopped. We no longer have the luxury of waiting and hoping to see if he’ll just destroy Italy and maybe France. He has to be stopped now. So the army gets called in for a dramatic showdown at, suitably, the Coliseum. One thing’s for sure; this monster isn’t all smiles and sunshine. It’s Venus versus Earth in the fight of the century.

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