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Starring Mathilda May as the monster with no clothes Steven Railsback as Carlsen Peter Firth as Agent Caine Patrick Stewart in a small role for you trek fans This movie would have made a star of Mathilda May, had she … read more

Plague of the Zombies

Starring Andre Morell as Sir James Forbes Diane Clare as Forbes’ nosey daughter Sylvia John Carson as the town witch doctor Brook Williams as the regular, normal type doctor Jacqueline Pearce as the doctor’s rather gray skinned wife A village … read more

The Reptile

Starring  Jacqueline Pearce as Anna the snake girl  Noel William as Dr. Franklyn  Ray Barrett as Harry Spalding  Jennifer Daniel as Harry’s woman, Valerie Spalding Something mysterious is happening in England’s Cornwall district.  A snake creature is murdering people.  When … read more