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A Clockwork Orange

Malcolm McDowell as Alex
Patrick Magee as Frank Alexander
Anthony Sharp as Minister of the Interior
Michael Bates as the Chief Guard

As far as I’m concerned, Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is about Alex and his droogs that know how to have fun. Sure they rape, murder, fight, rob and talk funny, but I figure the victims had it coming. Besides raping, murdering, fighting and robbing builds character. Its good for a young guy to get out there and do some rough housing. And being in a gang, well that teaches a young man about teamwork, and not to be selfish. Now the do-gooders and the bleeding hearts, well they will probably see this movie in a different light. They’ll say that these guys are hoodlums, and have no redeeming value. If it were up to them, these fun loving thugs would be conditioned against violence. Well boohoo. Ironically, we go through this conditioning program everyday in the real world whenever we watch TV, only our way is less harsh. Eventually Alex is caught, and goes through a conditioning program, which makes him sick to the stomach when he sees violence. Can you imagine a world without the Three Stooges, or Bugs Bunny, Cops, the Bloods and the Crypts, or the city of Detroit? Where would we get our culture? If it weren’t violent, Alex would probably commit suicide. Disturbing, violent, savage, barbaric, futuristic, Orwellian, ironic, and thought provoking. What more do you need?

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