Hammer Horror

The Abominable Snowman

Peter Cushing – Dr. John Rollason
Forrest Tucker – Tom Friend
Robert Brown – Ed Shelley

Tom wants to go in search of the mysterious Yeti even though many people have gone before and failed to find or see them. Dr. John Rollason decides to go along even though he knows it is a fool’s mission, but is intrigued by Tom’s proposition. So off they go, first running into bandits whom they chase away and soon start off on their quest in earnest. But besides the mere trivialities of snowstorms or avalanches which, though they do need to be on the lookout for, they need to be on guard against the abominable snowmen, who really do not wish to be found. Excellent Cushing vehicle, beautifully directed with incredible black and white cinematography to enhance the whole film makes this one movie you definitely cannot afford to miss. Cushing is fantastic, as is every other participant, but it is Cushing who really makes the film great. Suspenseful, with the right dose of mystery, horror and action make this a fabulous film. Watch it and love it to death.

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The Abominable Snowman COVER

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