Russ Meyers

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Dolly Read – Kelly
Cynthia Myers – Casey
Marcia MrBroom – Patronella

A girl band featuring the three leading ladies, playing awful music opens up the cult classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, a film by Russ Myer.  The band takes off to Los Angeles where they hope to have some good times and to make it big.  When they get there Kelly goes to see her aunt and Kelly is then invited to a party at some guy named Z-Man’s place.  At the party everyone is dancing and smoking joints and having sex and Kelly hooks up with Z-Man.  After the party Z-Man promotes Kelly’s band and they start to get famous.  This movie was very sensational at the time it was made and nowadays it is actually pretty tame.  Throughout the movie there is a whole lotta sex and nudity, very little cursing surprisingly and a whole lotta drug use.  Now what is redeeming about this movie?  The crappy soundtrack?  The bad acting?  Everything else previously mentioned?  Actually nothing is really redeeming about this movie.  So why would you want to see this?  You have to see this movie because of everything else that was previously mentioned in this review and you have to see it because of its cult status.  You also have to see this film because even today it is still talked about.  Does this movie stink?  Yes, it does.  Is this movie good?  In a way, yes.  Watch this movie and judge for yourself.



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Beyond the Valley of the Dolls COVER

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls COVER B