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Jessica Harper as Susy Banyon

One of the more visually striking horror movies, Suspiria tells the tale of a German dance academy and the horrible secret hidden within it. Susy Banyon has come from America to study at one of the top dance schools, but immediately upon her arrival she becomes a part of the school’s mystery as she becomes the last person to see a murdered girl alive. Soon Susy finds herself drugged and, after her friends murder, believing in the rumors that surround the headmistress, and the academy itself… it’s a secret house of witchcraft, where the witches injure for personal gain, and they murder those who offend them. Director Dario Argentino has created a movie rich with violent colours and tremendous cinematography, it’s the richest looking horror film I’ve seen. The score is perfectly European, and even more creepy and heart-pounding than that from Halloween. A few words of note, the box states “the only thing more terrifying that the last 5 minutes of this film are the first 90!”, and you know what, it’s right. The last 5 minutes make for a pretty weak topper to a wonderful film. Also, if you’ve ever seen Phantom of Paradise, don’t worry because Jessica Harper doesn’t actually dance in the film.

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Suspiria COVER B

Suspiria COVER A

Suspiria COVER C


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